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Monday, January 23, 2012

Had an amazing weekend and down seven pounds!

Had an AMAZING weekend with our son at college! We drove down Friday evening (in the rain, fog and very heavy traffic) so we would be in town and could hook up with him as early as possible on Saturday. On Saturday morning we went to see "Joyful Noise" (a great, feel good type movie), had lunch, and then went to see "The Iron Lady" in the afternoon. It rained off and on all weekend so a movie day was the perfect way to enjoy time with our son. I love, and miss him, so much! He's 19 years old now and a grown man, but he will always be "my baby." Here's a picture a friend emailed me on Friday of one of her favorite pictures of him taken when he was three or so. It must have been a picture she took because I had never seen it before. Look at those eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. Isn't he gorgeous? Of course, he is still a knock out. Today he is 6'5" (at least) with the kindest, most compassionate, caring spirit you could ever imagine. He's smart too. :D He is in college on a full merit scholarship that pays for everything. I am so blessed - in more ways than one!

Was able to stick to Weight Watchers all weekend by doing some planning ahead. I took us a whole lunch bag of 100 calorie snacks - just so we would have something quick and easy we could all enjoy. This morning when I stepped on the scales (it is the end of week two on Weight Watchers already), the scale had dropped another three pounds for a grand total of seven pounds lost. Makes me feel so good about myself! Of course, I wish I had never let myself gain this weight back, but it does feel good to be headed in the right direction. Nothing feels worse than being out of control and feeling like a failure! I was actually able to wear some slacks today that I haven't worn in ages.

I think this evening I will go to the grocery store and just pick up a couple of low-cal, low-fat things. Hopefully, we'll go out to dinner (I'm thinking maybe grilled flounder and a salad with low fat dressing), and then stop by the grocery store on the way home. I found a Hungry Girl recipe for pickled carrots that I want to try. I bought some beautiful baby carrots at SAM's yesterday so think I will see how it tastes. Even if I don't like them I bet my husband will.

Well, guess that's all for now. I thank God for all my many blessings. A great job, an amazing son and husband - a warm and comfortable home. And this great new tool to share my thoughts ...

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