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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, the 13th

Well, it may be Friday the 13th but I'm actually having a good day. Going to a work event tonight and then a continuing ed class tomorrow (I dread that but it will be good to get it behind me), so I'm looking forward to Sunday when I can do some house cleaning and hopefully REST a little.

This morning my pants were so tight I almost couldn't get them zipped. Don't know what's up with that. I'm thinking Weights Watchers may be a tad too carb oriented for me (or at least the fact that I have been eating too many carbs while I've been on Weight Watchers this week), so I'm thinking I need to switch it up with protein shakes and veggies; still counting points though. We'll see. I actually like some of the protein shakes if you mix them with berries or ice and make a milk shake type drink from them.

I need to learn how I can have a page on here for quick and easy healthy recipes I like. Guess there is tons I need to learn about this blogging business.

Talked to my son this morning and he seems to be doing well. That always makes me feel good. I'm happy when he is happy! Can't wait to go see him next weekend. We're going to go see the new movies "The Iron Lady" and "Joyful Noise", so both of those should be fun.

It's cold outside today, but really is a beautiful sunshiny blue sky day. Loving that after the rain we've been having.

Well, here's to a good evening and weekend! Keep smiling!

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