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Monday, January 16, 2012

4 Pounds Gone!

Well, I weighed this morning and I had lost four pounds. I was absolutely thrilled! It just made me feel so much better about myself and feel like this is "doable." It's so wonderful to feel back "in control" again.

I even took extra pains with my hair before work this morning and am wearing a scarf for the first time today. I noticed at the continuing ed class I took on Saturday how many of the ladies were wearing scarfs. They looked super sharp and it really seemed to dress up otherwise casual clothing. So I went yesterday and picked up three very inexpensive all weather scarves to give it a try and I'm really liking the look! I've always hated things around my neck so always thought I would hate scarves but these are thin and light and I've loosened them in the neck area so they really are very comfortable. Honestly can't even tell I'm wearing one today. Think I will definitely try to pick up a few more in "my colors" to draw attention away from the black slacks I wear on an almost daily basis.

I gave myself a home manicure yesterday and applied cuticle cream last night and this morning to try to get my hands looking a little better during this cold, dry weather!

During breaks at the continuing ed class on Saturday I made a master "to be done" list, with a section for work, goals, dream vacations, and immediate "to be dones" of a personal basis. Sure feels good to start checking through some of them. I suggested to my son this morning (he's away in college and I was giving him a morning wake up call), that he try the same written "to be done list" so he could have the satisfaction of marking things off as he got them accomplished this weekend.

He went to a leadership retreat this weekend and had a fabulous time. Made me so HAPPY! Funny how when he is happy, then I am happy. Sounds like the whole retreat couldn't have gone any better and I'm hopeful that he'll make some new positive thinking, goals oriented kids to be friends with. He has friends now but I think making some new ones would be a positive step for his second semester away from home. One of the exercises thay had done was the true colors personality test. Google it and you can find a link to the web site where you can take the test for free. He wanted my husband and I to take it too. Surprise, surprise (I say jokingly) - all three of us are different. Our son was a "blue", I was "gold", and my husband was "orange". Kinda interesting and of course, fun.

Well, wish me luck as I start week two of Weight Watchers online!


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