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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A new month and a new bracelet!

Happy February!

Just can't believe February is already here! Wow!

I'm still doing well on the Weight Watchers online program. After the initial weight drop I can tell things are slowing down, but it still feels good that my clothes aren't as tight and that I know I am eating far healthier than I was. Hip, hip, hooray for me! My two "lessons" so far are: 1. No eating between meals, and 2. Don't have the "good stuff" (even if it is Weight Watcher type things) in the house.

Found out yesterday that my husband will be having back surgery soon. I dread that for him (and me) but know that it is something that needs to be done - the sooner the better actually.

Above is a little bracelet I whipped together last night. It's made from beautiful vintage glass beads from an old necklace. I'm loving the color and simplicity. I used to make a lot of charm type bracelets from vintage bits of old jewelry but for some reason I'm preferring to wear the simpler pieces right now.

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