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Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday!

Had another great weekend with my son in Charlotte. It's always such a joy to see his sweet smiling face. I'm one blessed mother!

Had my weekly weigh-in this morning and was up .2 of a pound. I'm not depressed at all (highly unusual for impatient me) because I know I did pretty well food wise. I'm just thinking of this morning as a clean slate and hopefully next week I'll have a good weight loss to report! One thing I'm fairly sure of is that I lose better when I do the low carb type things, concentrating on protein and veggies (things I don't like). This week I ate way too many of those Popchips, vitalicious treats, and other Weight Watcher sweet cake type snackies (things I do like). Oh well ... at least I stuck with the program and didn't gain a ton of weight like I was doing just about a month ago.

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